BRI Conference Organizers Are Calling for Papers

Feel Free To Submit Your Full Papers

Call For Papers

you are invited to submit your theoretical and empirical full papers in any of the following or related areas:

  1. The BRI and the development of digital and logistics infrastructure
  2. Port development, operations, and management
  3. Global supply chain and international trade
  4. New technologies and work in transport and logistics
  5. Urban transportation and regional connectivity
  6. Logistics infrastructure and regional economic development
  7. Global trade, transport, and the environment
  8. Geopolitics, trade and development 
  9. Human resource management and digital skills development
  10. The blue economy and maritime logistics
  11. Green logistics and circular economy
  12. Supply chain sustainability and resilience
  13. Global logistics distribution center development along the belt and road
  14. Economic impact studies of the BRI 
  15. The Maritime Silk Road and its impacts on the African Continent